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Examples of cognitive apps

An app that integrates with cognitive services such as Watson Speech to Text and Watson Natural Language Understanding for sentiment analysis, and learn about the UX design so users can visualize the app’s progress over time.

The app uses Hoodie for its back end; it converts audio from the user into text and shoots the text off to be analyzed for sentiment. 

The progressive web app not only records and analyzes sentiments, but it can visualize the sentiment changes in the recordings over time.


Why is it an offline app? Voice of InterConnect continues to work even if connectivity is lost and demonstrates how an app can work offline and still easily integrate with Watson services. The Hoodie part of the app is built atop Apache CouchDB™, which provides an underlying synchronization layer, and as typical advice for developers,

You don’t want to build your synchronization protocols from scratch.

In the video, you’ll also see examples of how the app works,

More information on Voice of InterConnect and offline development

Structure of the app

The structure of the Voice of InterConnect app.